There are 46 lines/subdivisions in the database.

Key Railroad Name
PH AMTK Philadelphia - Harrisburg
PW AMTK Philadelphia - Washington
CANS CP Canadian Subdivision
FRES CP Freight Subdivision
BLTS CSX Baltimore Terminal Subdivision
BERS CSX Berkshire Subdivision
BOSS CSX Boston Subdivision
BFTS CSX Buffalo Terminal Subdivision
CAPS CSX Capital Subdivision
CMBS CSX Cumberland Subdivision
CMTS CSX Cumberland Term Subdivision
ERWS CSX Erie West Subdivision
HUDS CSX Hudson Subdivision
KEYS CSX Keystone Subdivision
LURS CSX Lurgan Subdivision
METS CSX Metropolitan Subdivision
MOHS CSX Mohawk Subdivision
NWCS CSX New Castle Subdivision
OMLS CSX Old Main Line Subdivision
PHIS CSX Philadelphia Subdivision
PITS CSX Pittsburgh Subdivision
RIVS CSX River Subdivision
ROCS CSX Rochester Subdivision
SELS CSX Selkirk Subdivision
STLS CSX St. Lawrence Subdivision
SYTS CSX Syracuse Terminal Subdivision
TRES CSX Trenton Subdivision
NBER NBER Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad
BUFL NS Buffalo Line
CLEL NS Cleveland Line
CONL NS Conemaugh Line
FORL NS Fort Wayne Line
HARL NS Harrisburg Line
LKED NS Lake Erie District
LEHL NS Lehigh Line
LURB NS Lurgan Branch
MONL NS Mon Line
MORL NS Morrisville Line
PITL NS Pittsburgh Line
PORB NS Port Road Branch
REAL NS Reading Line
RIVL NS River Line
SOUL NS Southern Tier Line
SUNL NS Sunbury Line
YOUL NS Youngstown Line
RBMN RBMN Reading and Northern Main

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