The database has been updated 64 times.

Date Update
15 Sep 2014      Added and updated CSX K0xx and K1xx series oil trains for Philadelphia and Eddystone.
22 Aug 2014      NS 66Z/67Z and 780/781 have been added
29 Jul 2014      Removed K531/2 pair and updated intermodal/juice trains between Florida and Philadelphia/New Jersey
22 Jul 2014      CSX Baltimore Terminal, Capital, Cumberland, Metropolitan, Old Main Line, Philadelphia and Trenton
10 Jul 2014      Minor update to NS symbols made
08 Aug 2013      CP Canadian Sub has been added; CP symbols updated
07 Aug 2013      NS 201 now originates in Harrisburg and 202 terminates in Harrisburg
07 Aug 2013      NS BUFL locals have been updated; NBER, LVRR and NSHR trains added
07 Aug 2013      NS 18R/19R, 64X/65X, 64Z/65Z, 72X/73X and H19 have been added
11 Jun 2013      CSX Symbols have been updated
11 Jun 2013      "NS Symbol Cheat Sheet" added
05 Jun 2013      NS 64E/65E are now 68K/69K (stone)
05 Jun 2013      NS 62M/61M are now 68Z/69Z
05 Jun 2013      NS 12N, 64T/65T and 64Z/65Z have been added
05 Jun 2013      Schedules for NS 21Q and 25T have been changed
16 Apr 2013      Several units trains have been added: 60W/61W, 68A/69A, 68D/69D and 68E/69E.
16 Apr 2013      NS 64V/65V has been added between Bluffton IN and Sewaren NJ
16 Apr 2013      NS 60D/61D are now 64N/65N
16 Apr 2013      NS 64Q/65Q are now 68N/69N
04 Apr 2013      NS 62A is now 60G and 63A is now 67A
04 Apr 2013      NS 66Q/67Q are now 64E/65E
04 Apr 2013      NS 66Z/67Z are now 61Z/60Z
03 Apr 2013      NS 64A Gypsum train is now 66A
03 Apr 2013      NS 64J is now 67J and 65J is now 66J
29 Mar 2013      NS 66D/67D new Gypsum trains have been added
29 Mar 2013      NS 67T/67V are now 62W/63W
29 Mar 2013      NS 66K/67K are now 62X/63X
29 Mar 2013      NS 17N and 19N have been added out of Conway
26 Mar 2013      NS 68Q/69Q are now 64K/65K
26 Mar 2013      CP trains have been revised. No more CP 158/159
26 Mar 2013      12G is now daily to Harrington DE
26 Mar 2013      62N has been added
26 Mar 2013       35Q and 36Q have been added
26 Mar 2013      H18 now originates in Enola
26 Mar 2013      202, 290, 213 and 201 have been added/revised to reflect Crescent Corridor upgrades
26 Mar 2013      64D/65D and 64N/65N are now 64W/65W and 64R/65R, respectively
08 Dec 2012      Train Symbol Database to Version 2.1 has gone public
28 Nov 2012      MONL coal mine turns and locals added. New coal trains added as well.
28 Nov 2012      21Q now originates in Harrisburg. 25T runs between Morrisville and Harrisburg.
01 Oct 2012      21A is now Thu only, 21J does not run Sun, 21M now works Rutherford on Sun
01 Oct 2012      NS 504/505, 512/513 and more Cresson Grain symbols added
14 Aug 2012      NS 62J/63J had replaced 64N/65N. NS 60D/61D and 692 added.
03 Jul 2012      Local NS trains for the FORL, CONL, PITL, BUFL and PORB have been added
03 Jul 2012      Unit Crude Oil trains CP 614/615 NS 64D/65D and 64N/65N have been added
03 Jul 2012      Several NS coal trains have been deleted and added
03 Jul 2012      CP symbols for NY and PA are now up to date and complete
03 Jul 2012      NS 24W and 21V have now taken the place of 20V and 227
30 Jan 2012      Several NS Unit trains have been added, deleted or edited
21 Nov 2011      Several NS symbols have been updated or added to reflect changes since April
19 Apr 2011      NS 294 and NS RIVL and YOUL trains added
14 Dec 2010      NS 809 has been added and 23W has been updated
10 Dec 2010      NS trains 518, 519, 640, 641 and 85A have been added
13 Oct 2010      Reading Blue Mountain and Northern trains have been added
13 Oct 2010      CSX CAPS, METS, OMLS, CMBS and LURS trains have been added
13 Oct 2010      CSX HUDS and RIVS trains have been added
30 Sep 2010      NS 25K, 25M and 46T have been added. 21J has been updated
26 Sep 2010      CSX symbols for normally scheduled trains on the PHIS and TRES have been added
26 Sep 2010      NS 290 has been added, 309 and 310 have been updated
02 Sep 2010      NS 52K, 58T and 24R have been added
16 Aug 2010      NS 11M, 12M and 169 have been added
14 Aug 2010      NS 21G now orignates at Harrisburg daily just before midnight
14 Aug 2010      NS 23Z is now a Croxton to Harrisburg train running in the early morning
12 Aug 2010      NS 896 and 841 have been added
09 Aug 2010      NS 244 has replaced 28A