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PT 211

Barree is a quiet farm village just east of the twisty mainline trackage through the Little Juniata River valley. A PRR signal bridge is still intact at PT 211. The mainline also crosses over the Little Juniata River three times before plunging into the Spruce Creek Tunnel. TUNNEL interlocking, a full crossover, sits just east of the tunnel.

PT 210.7 - Little Juniata River Bridge

Driving along the semi dirt Allison Rd (very well maintained, may I add) one will drive right up to the keystone arch bridge. Even though it is now overgrown with Maple and Sycamore trees, a creative photographer can still manage a photo of the bridge.

1) Westbound 23M crosses the Little Juniata River, just east of the PT 211 signal bridge.
2) An eastbound crosses the bridge, seen from down river. (Photo by Altoonaworks.info)

PT 211.1 - PRR Signal Bridge

Just a quarter mile west of the bridge, you will see the PT 211 signal bridge from the parallel Allison Rd. Despite the growth of some pesky Sumac trees, a good shot of a westbound is possible, especially if it is running on the opposite main (this happens often when the Amtrak 04T is coming east!)

1) View of the westbound PT 211 signals which are the approach signals for TUNNEL.
2) View of the eastbound PT 211 signals.

PT 212.0 - Barree Road Crossing

Although the Barree Road crossing is only a mile away from the PT 211 signals, Allison Rd dead-ends shortly after the signals. Thus, one has to drive all the way back to Petersburg to get around. The views are not spectacular, but do provide a nice straight away to the east and a wide sweeping curve to the west.

1) Westbound 651 will soon cross Barree Rd. Note that the PT 211 signal bridge is barely visible.
2) Eastbound 36A leans through the curve just west of Barree Rd. (Photos by Josh Hollands)

PT 212.8 - TUNNEL

TUNNEL is the last crossover before the slow 35 MPH trackage between Spruce Creek and Tyrone. Seeing the interlocking is impossible since it is 100% off limits. Please, DO NOT TRESPASS. Prior to entering the Spruce Creek Tunnel, the mainline crosses the Little Juniata River two more times.

1) The WB TUNNEL signals and signal box.
2) The EB TUNNEL signals seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Photos by Marc Lingenfelter)

Last Update: 11/7/2012