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120 - Duncannon
122 - Aqueduct
124 - Losh's Run
128 - Bailey
132 - Newport
137 - Millerstown
144 - Thompsontown
148 - Mexico
151 - Port Royal
153 - Mifflin
156 - Denholm
160 - Hawstone
165 - Lewistown
169 - Granville
172 - Anderson
174 - Horningford
178 - McVeytown
181 - Ryde
187 - Newton Hamilton
190 - Mt Union
193 - Mapleton
197 - Mill Creek
200 - Ardenheim
202 - Huntingdon
209 - Petersburg
211 - Barree
213 - Spruce Creek
217 - Pemberton
219 - Birmingham
222 - Tyrone
225 - Tipton
227 - Fostoria
229 - Bellwood
234 - Juniata
236 - Altoona



PT 219

The last five bridges over the Little Juniata River are all in the vicinity of the village of Birmingham, just east of Tyrone. Two PRR signal bridges are also located at PT 218 and PT 221.

PT 218.5 - Bridges #8, #9 and #10 and PT 218 Signals

Although the arch bridges are somewhat visible from RT 453 in the winter, they are not very photographer friendly. Short of wading out through the river along with the fly fishermen, there is not much to work with. The PT 218 signal bridge is stuck on the other side of the Juniata River from RT 453 which makes it very inaccessible.

PT 219.5 - Honest Hollow Rd Underpass

Southwest of the intersection with RT 453, Honest Hollow Rd passes under the mainline.

1) A quiet Autumn day in Birmingham at the Honest Hollow Rd underpass.

PT 220.5 - Bridges #11 and #12

The last two bridges are located west of Birmingham in an area also known as Ironville or Tyrone Forge. Bridge #11 also crosses over Ironville Rd but is obstructed by some large trees. Bridge #12 can be seen from Quarry Rd below or from the RT 453 bridge over the Juniata River. Photography from RT 453 is best on a cloudy day since Bridge #12 is to the south.

1) The south side of Bridge #11 seen from Ironville Rd.
2) Eastbound 22W crosses over Bridge #12, as seen from the RT 453 bridge. Note Quarry Rd below.
3) The south side of Bridge #12 seen from Quarry Rd.

PT 221.5 - Plummers Hollow Rd and PT 221 Signal Bridge

Just east of downtown Tyrone, RT 453 leaves the town behind and begins to follow the river east. Half a mile east from the I-99, Plummers Hollow Rd turns off and crosses the Little Juniata River on a one lane bridge. A short drive up the road will take you to the grade crossing. Looking to the east, one will see the PT 221 PRR signal bridge. Just beyond the curves to the west is Amtrak's Tyrone station.

1) Westbound 23Z passes under the PT 221 signal bridge.
2) Westbound 951 is seen from Plummers Hollow Rd. (Photo by Tony Kimmel)
3) Eastbound 12G has just passed the Tyrone train station around the bend.

Bridge to Nowhere

Seen from RT 453 and the Plummers Hollow Rd bridge over the Little Juniata River, and old PRR iron truss bridge is seen crossing the river. Or almost crossing the river. The eastern part of the bridge was removed when RT 453 was rebuilt years ago. The bridge was once used by the PRR to access local industries at Tyrone Forge.

1) The Bridge to Nowhere seen from Plummers Hollow Rd.

Last Update: 1/25/2012