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PT - Stations
120 - Duncannon
122 - Aqueduct
124 - Losh's Run
128 - Bailey
132 - Newport
137 - Millerstown
144 - Thompsontown
148 - Mexico
151 - Port Royal
153 - Mifflin
156 - Denholm
160 - Hawstone
165 - Lewistown
169 - Granville
172 - Anderson
174 - Horningford
178 - McVeytown
181 - Ryde
187 - Newton Hamilton
190 - Mt Union
193 - Mapleton
197 - Mill Creek
200 - Ardenheim
202 - Huntingdon
209 - Petersburg
211 - Barree
213 - Spruce Creek
217 - Pemberton
219 - Birmingham
222 - Tyrone
225 - Tipton
227 - Fostoria
229 - Bellwood
234 - Juniata
236 - Altoona



PT 120

We begin our journey along the NS Altoona East territory at Duncannon PA. Harrisburg Terminal dispatcher controls the Pittsburgh Line from Harrisburg up to (and including) the CANNON interlocking. The first landmark west of CANNON (and the Shermans Creek Bridge) is the ex-PRR station. From there, the mainline skims the Susquehanna River bank up to the confluence of the Juniata River. Also, Cannon Yard, a small siding off of track 1 just west of CANNON, is part of the Altoona East territory.

PT 119.1 - Cannon Yard

Cannon Yard is a small, two track siding. The yard is used to unload large high and wide loads or set off bad order cars and locomotives. The yard can be seen from the Road Hawg BBQ and Perry County Beer Distributor parking lot off of Rt 274, S Market St. Please heed the No Trespassing signs since the yard is NS property.

1) BBCX 1000 is seen here after its huge load was transferred to a truck at Cannon Yard.
2) Here is the load, a transformer, ready to go. Photos taken with permission. (Both photos by Jim Fickel)

PT 119.3 - Duncannon Station

The Duncannon train station is first of five ex-PRR stations that remain intact along the Altoona East territory. Aside from being an interesting relic of the golden age, there are several photo angles as well. The station area is also a great stop to hang out and just watch trains since the Buffalo Line can be seen across the river. The station is now used by Blue Ridge Communications as office space. They do not mind railfans as long as you behave yourself.

1) Here is a view of the yellow brick station from Water St.
2) Westbound 21J passes the station, as seen from the other side of the Susquehanna River. One parks along the RT 322/22 highway to get this shot, so please be careful. (Both photos by Andrew Gipe)

1) Westbound 23W passes the station on track two. The view of the Susquehanna River valley is beautiful.
2) Eastbound 538 passes between the river and the station. Note the Rt 322/22 bridge in the background.
3) Eastbound 14G negotiates the wide curve through Duncannon. (All photos by Andrew Gipe)

PT 120 - Downtown Duncannon

Aside from the station, there really isn't much to see of the mainline due to trees. However the PRR built several underpasses so the public may access the Susquehanna River.

1) A westbound crosses over the Juniata Creek bridge which is east of the station. (Photo by Jim Fickel)
2) Westbound 28Z crosses over the Ann St riverfront access as river enthusiasts get their gear ready.

Last Update: 10/30/2012