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Altoona East Home

PT - Stations
120 - Duncannon
122 - Aqueduct
124 - Losh's Run
128 - Bailey
132 - Newport
137 - Millerstown
144 - Thompsontown
148 - Mexico
151 - Port Royal
153 - Mifflin
156 - Denholm
160 - Hawstone
165 - Lewistown
169 - Granville
172 - Anderson
174 - Horningford
178 - McVeytown
181 - Ryde
187 - Newton Hamilton
190 - Mt Union
193 - Mapleton
197 - Mill Creek
200 - Ardenheim
202 - Huntingdon
209 - Petersburg
211 - Barree
213 - Spruce Creek
217 - Pemberton
219 - Birmingham
222 - Tyrone
225 - Tipton
227 - Fostoria
229 - Bellwood
234 - Juniata
236 - Altoona




PT 120 to PT 236



Welcome to this photography based railfan guide of Norfolk Southern's Altoona East territory from Duncannon to Altoona, PA. Once known as the Pennsylvania Railroad's Middle Division, the mainline follows the Juniata River west through broad farmlands, narrow valleys and over numerous stone arch bridges.

Using The Guide

You can start from Duncannon and move west along the Altoona East territory or start from Altoona and move east. Otherwise, click on a location from the list on the left hand side. Each location page has links to move east or west to the next location along the line.

Update to Come, Altoona Changes

As of January 2012, Norfolk Southern is in the process of rebuilding the interlockings between ANTIS and SLOPE. All the signals will be replaced with modern Safetran installations. The strange configuration of switches between SLOPE and ALTO will be replaced with one new full crossover and will be named CP-ALTO. Once the project has been completed (estimated to be Spring 2012), control of the territory between the ANTIS and the new CP-ALTO will be transferred over to the Altoona East desk. The manned ALTO tower will close and will mark an end of an era which started over 150 years ago. The photos in this guide will inevitably change to reflect the falling of the old PRR style PL signals, but for the short time they have left, we can still enjoy them.

Before this guide was even published, my editor and guest photographers have already provided me with new ideas and ways to improve this guide. I began putting photos together in late 2010 and quickly came to the conclusion that completing this guide would take much more time than I first expected. In the hopes to get something published in this decade, I present to you my V 1.0 of this guide.

Giving Credit Where it is Due

With out the help of my railfan friends and their photography, this guide would be a skeleton of what it is now. Covering all these locations would have taken me forever! Thank You!

Nick Anshant (17)
Aaron Bilby (7)
Jim Fickel (5)
BlogSpot - YouTube
Andrew Gipe Sr (24)
Tom Granville (1)
Dan Hauck (22)
Josh Hollands (27)
Scooter Hovanec (2)
Jim Johnston (2)
Roman Kebalo (133)
Tony Kimmel (18)
Marc Lingenfelter (3)

Robert Shook (1)
Ben Sutton (9)

Executive Editor: Josh Hollands

Latest Updates

January 2012 - V1.0 of the guide goes public. Enjoy!!!

Recommendations for the Guide:

- Google Maps insert for each location (like Newport)
- Add Latitude and Longitude cooridnates of each location for those using a GPS
- Add video footage from Youtube
- Have a recommendation of your own? Email me!