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PT 234

The mainline enters the east end of Altoona by negotiating through the area where PRR's huge Altoona classification yard once was. Not much is left of the old classification yard, but Norfolk Southern's Rose Yard now resides in the area. The Juniata Shops (JBS) take up most of the land between the mainline and Chestnut Ave in Altoona. The turntable at the east end of JBS is an ever popular railfan attraction.

PT 232.5 - ANTIS

The east end of the mainline in Altoona is controlled by ANTIS. This full crossover allows the dispatcher to make use of the controlled siding to GRAY and access both Yard Tracks which lead to Rose Yard. Manifests and coal trains that either work or tie-down in Altoona often divert from the main to the Yard Tracks at ANTIS. ANTIS is also a popular place for rear helpers to be attached to westbound trains. All manifests stop to recrew at ROSE, so adding a helper to the rear at this time minimizes delays. Unfortunately, ANTIS is buried in the depths of NS property and is inaccessible to photograph. DO NOT TRESPASS.

1) The old WB signal bridge and new cantilever at ANTIS, seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T.
2) The EB ANTIS signals. Note the #2 Secondary signal got an upgrade from slow speed ex-PRR dwarf to a medium speed overhead signal. (Photos by Marc Lingenfelter)

PT 234.0 - HOMER

The 8th St Bridge crosses over the mainline and Rose Yard. Looking east one will see HOMER, a small car shop and the classification yard. Note that HOMER allows track 1 access to Rose Yard. The track 2 PT 234 automatic signals are cantilevered over the mainline. HOMER is another popular spot for helpers to be added or deducted from a mainline train.

1) Westbound 21V proceeds through town, passing PT 234 and HOMER. (Photo by Dustin Faust)
2) The full new signal setup at PT 234 and HOMER. Note the Rose Car Shop on the right.
3) The yard crew waits for eastbound to leave town before continuing to shift cars (Photo by Ben Sutton)

Looking west from the 8th St Bridge offers different sights. The Rose Yard crew building sits next to the bridge on the west side. Due to the proximity to the crew base, this is the most popular place for recrews, but they are known to happen elsewhere if need be (e.g. WORKS or ANTIS). The yard tracks between HOMER and WORKS are long enough to store full trains. The most popular trains to be stored here are the Strawberry Ridge PPL trains which often get repowered with trios of SD60I's. Locomotives that are coming or going from JBS are also staged to be picked up or delivered at this end of the yard.

1) Eastbound 20V passes through the recrew location at ROSE. (Photo by Dan Hauck)
2) Eastbound 534 coal train is parked in the yard awaiting its turn to head east to Strawberry Ridge.
3) A pair of Trinity Rail Express F59PH's have been rebuilt at JBS and wait to be picked up at ROSE.

Juniata Locomotive Shop Turntable

The turntable is one of the most popular places to visit in the Altoona area. The turntable and the usual wide assortment of locomotives are easily visible from the dead-end of N 6th St. The wide opennings in the iron fence are great for photography. The turntable is used primarily on the weekdays, but it has been seen in operation on Saturdays as well. The shops are open 7 days a week, but Sundays seem to have less action. For up-to-date and historical information about JBS, its current tenants and the locomotive shop's current programs, please visit the Altoona Works website.

1) NS 2220 watches as the Rail King critter moves an ex-UP SD90MAC-HII onto the turntable.
2) Wide angle view of the turntable in operation. (Photo by Jim Johnston)
3) NS 6149, CSXT 1601 and ex-UP 8541 are being worked on at JBS. (Photo by Ben Sutton)

JBS Along Chestnut Ave

A drive up and down Chestnut Ave will take you long the entire length of the JBS complex. There is much to see from the side of the road. The display track is located cross the street from the Martin's Food Market shoping plaza. The elevated parking lot is an excellent place to get an overview of the JBS complex.

1) NS 6536 sits outside bay 27 at the locomotives shops. She is waiting to be converted into an SD60E.
2) A variety of locomotives sit on the display track this evening. (Photo by Tony Kimmel)
3) Several EMDs wait to be rebuilt by the experts at JBS. (Photo by Scooter Hovanec)