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PT 153

Mifflin (across the river from Mifflintown) is home to MIFFLIN, a full crossover which also protects the east end of a Controlled Siding. Coal trains that need to be weighed at the Denholm Scales will take the Controlled Siding at HAWSTONE and will re-enter the mainline at MIFFLIN. Mifflin is also home to the first local industry along the mainline. A small siding is located on the east side of the Controlled Siding for the local, C42, to run around its train if it needs to work Mifflin.

PT 153.6 - MIFFLIN

An excellent view of the entire interlocking is visible from the RT 35 overpass (Wilson St). To the south (railroad east), one will note that the westbound signals are two mast mounted PRR PLs. The full crossover, controlled siding switch and local tracks can been seen from the north side of the overpass. The PRR signal bridge was replaced in 2007 with a CL signal cantilever installation.

1) Westbound 21E splits the mast mounted PL signals at MIFFLIN.
2) Eastbound 506 crosses over from main 2 to 1 looking west from the RT 35 overpass.
3) Eastbound 955 passes through Mifflin on a early spring day. (Photo by Jim Fickel)

Pulling over on Railroad Ave in downtown Mifflin provides a track level view of MIFFLIN.

1) Westbound 650 comes off of the controlled siding after weighing at Denholm. (Photo by Dan Hauck)
2) An NS Brandt MOW truck and a scale test car sit on the MOW siding. (Photo by James Burlington)
3) Westbound 18N passes a 650 coal train just west of MIFFLIN. (Photo by Dan Hauck)

Further down Railroad Ave stands the old PRR station with a view of the EB signals.

1) Westbound 21Q passes under the EB signals of MIFFLIN. (Photo by Josh Hollands)
2) Eastbound 650 passes a couple of over weight coal cars at Mifflin. (Photo by Jim Fickel)
3) The EB MIFFLIN cantilever signals seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Photo by Marc Lingenfelter)

The underground passageway built by PRR is still intact and is often used by Mifflin locals. Parking along Mowery St (RT 333) will offer a view of the mainline from the west.

1) The PRR Mifflin station is in excellent condition!
2) Eastbound 82T with run through UP power has just weighed in Denholm. (Photo by Dan Hauck)
3) The C42 local runs around its train at Mifflin. (Photo by Dan Hauck)

Last Update: 2/19/2013