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PT 190

At the east end of Mt Union, the mainline crosses back over to the south side of the Juniata River. In the early 1900s, a new, elevated four track mainline was built above the town to avoid grade crossings. The old mainline is still evident in the middle of town and was once used as the interchange point with the East Broad Top narrow gauge railroad. There are still some interesting artifacts intact from the now long-gone era. To the west, JACKS interlocking serves as a full crossover and access to Mt Union Yard.

PT 188.8 - PT 188 PRR Signal Bridge

To the east of Mt Union is the the village of Kistler. In Kistler, an elusive ex-PRR signal bridge resides along a wide curve and rock cut. Please do not trespass.

1) The PT 188 signal bridge seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Photos by Marc Lingenfelter)

PT 189.8 - Juniata River Bridge

The E Pennsylvania Ave/Kistler Rd bridge over the Juniata River lies to the south of the railroad bridge. This makes photography of the large arched bridge an easy task. Unfortunately, some ugly power lines stretch across the river between the bridges, but there are ways to work around them. As expected, eastbounds favor the morning light and westbounds favor the afternoon light. Additionally, RT 522 hugs the south bank of the Juniata River below the bridges and makes for lower angle photography.

1) Westbound 21M approaches the Juniata River bridge at Kistler. (Photo by Josh Hollands)
2) Eastbound C42 local crosses the bridge, as seen from the road. (Photo by Andrew Gipe)
3) Eastbound 20W passes through Mt Union on a cold winter day.

1) Westbound 21J crosses the bridge in the late Autumn.
2) Westbound 21M Sunday edition (with 5 locomotives) passes in the early Autumn.
3) Eastbound 22W seen from RT 522 below.

PT 190 - Downtown Mt Union

The railroad passes over two major roads as it bisects Mt Union: Jefferson St (RT 747) and Division St. Downtown Mt Union isn't very spectacular for photography, but is a good place to get food or refuel your vehicle. McDonalds, Subway, Weis Supermarket and a Sheetz station make a home in Mt Union.

1) Westbound 921 ballast train heads through town crossing over Division St (photographer facing north).
2) Westbound 21M blasts over the Jefferson St overpass (photographer facing south).

PT 191.4 - JACKS

JACKS is located at the western edge of town along the mainline. It is a full crossover and connects Mt Union Yard to the mainline. Unfortunately, there is no way to see JACKS without going onto NS property. Please, DO NOT TRESPASS.

1) The WB JACKS ex-PRR signal bridge seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T.
2) EB JACKS signals were replaced by a cantilever. 64J passes on track 1. (Photos by Marc Lingenfelter)

Relics of the Past

For whatever reason, the old interchange yard between the PRR and EBT railroads was used as a storage area for old and useless railcars. Standard gauge and narrow gauge cars alike now rust and rot away in the old yard which has now grown in with trees. Many of these cars are easily seen from the west side of E Pennsylvania Ave bridge over the Juniata. There is a pull off to the south side of the avenue where the old yard can be seen. Other areas of town hold more artifacts of the past...

1) A long string of standard gauge US Army boxcars became useless after WWII.
2) An old tank cars is seen rusting away in the old yard.
3) A narrow gauge coal dumper was used to transload EBT hoppers to trucks. (All photos by Andrew Gipe)

Last Update: 11/7/2012