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128 - Bailey
132 - Newport
137 - Millerstown
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156 - Denholm
160 - Hawstone
165 - Lewistown
169 - Granville
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174 - Horningford
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187 - Newton Hamilton
190 - Mt Union
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225 - Tipton
227 - Fostoria
229 - Bellwood
234 - Juniata
236 - Altoona



PT 132

As the main line comes west from Bailey, the tracks follow the serpentine Juniata River in a broad S-curve. At one point, a westbound train will actually face south before turning 180 degrees back north. The multitude of angles versus the sun position should make us photographers happy; and it does! Those who drive through town may notice that the old PRR mainline once passed through town and much of the old right of way became a town road. PORT interlocking, a full crossover, sits on the mainline north of town.

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PT 130 to 131 - Newport S-curve and Well

At the southern most part of the S-curve, an old roofed well sits between the main line and the intersection of Upper and Lower Bailey Roads. This provides a prop for an otherwise bland photo angle.

1) Eastbound 20G parallels Lower Bailey Rd after passing the well.
2) Westbound 23W passes the well while heading through the wide S-curve.
3) Eastbound 590 is pictured from Upper Bailey Rd just west of the well. (All photos by Nick Anshant)

PT 131 - PRR PL Signals and 131.7 DED

Driving along S 3rd St you will plainly see the PT 131 PRR Signals. As the railroad moves west, it passes some municipal buildings (including the Police dept) and a couple baseball fields. A quarter mile west of the PT 131 signals is the Newport DED at 131.7. The park facilities are a often rented out by the CRHS for their annual picnic events.

1) Eastbound 20W passes between the PT 131 signals. (Photo by Nick Anshant)
2) Westbound 13G passes by the PT 131 signals on a snowy day.
3) Eastbound 068 passenger special passes through Newport. (Photo by Josh Hollands)

1) Eastbound 26T passes over the DED on a summer afternoon. (Photo by Dan Hauck)
2) Westbound 23M is just passing the DED at PT 131.7.

PT 132.2 - Downtown Newport

Just to the east of the Market St (Rt 34) underpass, the old and deteriorating station still stands in town. This is the second of five ex-PRR stations that are still in existence on this stretch of track.

1) Eastbound 272 passes over Market Street. (272 was rerouted this day onto the Pittsburgh Line)
2) The old PRR station looks like it needs much work done.

PT 133.0 - Big Buffalo Creek Bridge

The mainline crosses over the Big Buffalo Creek on a three arch keystone bridge. The west side of the bridge can be seen from N Front St. A view of the of the east side of the bridge is possible from across the Juniata River from the W Juniata Parkway. This view is very limited when the river is high and leaves are on the trees.

1) Westbound 21M crosses the bridge on a rare move on track 1.
2) Westbound 23Z kicks up powder as it crosses the Big Buffalo Creek Bridge on track 2.
3) A view of the east side of the bridge which faces the Juniata River.

PT 133.6 - PORT Interlocking

NO TRESPASSING. The ex-PRR signal bridge can be seen from N Front St along the Big Buffalo Creek Bridge. The old PRR mainline crossed the creek on a different bridge which is still owned and used by NS. A stub end track comes off of PORT and is used for MOW storage. This guide does NOT condone trespassing, so please do not enter this area.

1) 90N light power arrives at the old mainline MOW track to pick up a work train. Note the PORT WB signal bridge in the background. (Photo by Nick Rynes)
2) The MOW siding curves to the right on the old mainline roadbed. (Photo by Marc Lingenfelter)

1) The PORT EB signal bridge seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. Note the switch for the MOW siding.
2) The PORT WB signals are a mix of new and old clear light signals. (Photos by Marc Lingenfelter)

PT 135.4 - A Glimpse of the Mainline

By following the mainline north (railroad west) along N Front St to Oak Hall Rd to Old Ferry Rd, you will eventually come to a fork in the road. The right fork is Reiders Ln which takes you down to track level. Taking a left at the fork, you will climb up higher to a nice view of the mainline and Juniata River. Looking across the valley, you will see the W Juniata Pkwy and Rt 22/322 on the hill. For the view from that side of the river, continue west to the Millerstown section of the guide.

1) Westbound 21J passes through the opening in the trees. (Photo by Andrew Gipe)
2) Eastbound 18G is seen from Old Ferry Rd. Note the Juniata River behind and Reiders Ln below.
3) Westbound 07T moves away from the camera, looking down Reiders Ln.

PT 135.7 - PT 135 Signals

If you follow Reiders Ln down to track level, one can barely make out the PT 135 signals to the west. Years ago, Conrail only replaced the track one signal mast and kept the PRR PL mast signal on track 2. In 2012, NS had replaced the PL signal mast and they are now uniform.

1) Westbound 21M passes by the Reiders Ln vantage point.
2) Eastbound 04T approaches the track 1 greaser. Note the PT 135 signals to the rear.
3) The PT 135 signals seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Photos by Marc Lingenfelter)

Last Update: 11/7/2012