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PT 151

The next town along the mainline is Port Royal. An old 1910 bridge carries RT 75 over the mainline while the old PRR PL signals still stand at PT 151 near the center of the town. The old PRR station is now gone, but there are still lingering remnants that give you a feel of a railroad town. Across the road from the site of the old station, the old PRR hotel still stands at the intersection of 2nd St and Milford St.

PT 151 - RT 75 Overpass and PT 151 Signals

The east side of the bridge is not as good as the west side for photo composure, but is much more preferable for morning eastbounds. Access to the area is possible from both sides of the tracks, either 1st St on the north or Tuscarora St to the south. Note the westbound PT 151 signals are the approach signals to CP-MIFFLIN.

1) Westbound 11J comes through Port Royal on track 2 crossing the Tuscarora Creek. (Jim Fickel)
2) Eastbound 852 passes under the Rt 75 bridge with the Wabash leading. (Vince Hammel)
3) Eastbound 06T (the old Sunday Pennsylvanian) splits the PT 151 signals. (Josh Hollands)

The west side of the RT 75 overpass is more challenging for the photographer since there is no scenario where the sun will directly illuminate the scene. Luckily, a photographer with a little creativity can walk away with interesting results.

1) Westbound 07T approaches the RT 75 overpass and PT 151 signals in Autumn.
2) Westbound 21J passed under the old bridge during the "Blizzard of 2009."
3) Eastbound 058 illuminates the scene as it passes going away from the camera.

1) Eastbound 26T splits the iconic signals at Port Royal with a construction crane in the background.
2) Eastbound 10G approaches Port Royal on a long straightaway. (Dan Hauck)
3) The PT 152 signals seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Marc Lingenfelter)

From the Rt 75 overpass, there are even more great photo angles, looking east and west. In early 2012, the started a new project to replace the 1st St ramp to Rt 75.

1) Eastbound 26T moves away from the camera on its way through Port Royal. (looking east)
2) Eastbound 36A passes the new 1st St ramp construction area.
3) An eastbound intermodal passes through Port Royal looking northwest towards Mifflin.

In late 2012, the new ramp was completed, openning up more new photo angles and changing some of the older ones.

1) Eastbound 26T splits the PT 151 signals with the new concrete ramp in the background.
2) Westbound 21J passes under the Rt 75 bridge and PT 151 signals.
3) Eastboudn 634 passes through Port Royal and the site of the old station.

PT 152.5 - River Rd Crossing

Although Google maps shows that River Rd connects to 1st St, it is actually a dirt road which is restricted to emergency vehicles only. The only way to get to the River Rd crossing is to take RT 333 from either Port Royal or Mifflin and turn off at River Rd. There are a couple photo angles available from the crossing and along River Rd.

1) Westbound 13G approaches the River Rd crossing north of downtown Port Royal.
2) Eastbound 18G flows through the S-curve between Mifflin and River Rd. (Josh Hollands)
3) Westbound 23M travels along the short parallel of the mainline and River Rd.

Last Update: 3/6/2013