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PT 181

The mainline continues west from the McVeytown area along the south bank of the Juniata River. Once passing through the village of Ryde, it crosses over to the north bank of the River where it is virtually concealed from us until Newton Hamilton. Fortunately, the mainline is easily viewed from the parallel RT 103 and the farms provide interesting props for the camera.

PT 180.4 - Red Rock Curve

West MCVEY interlocking, the mainline passes through a rock cut named Red Rock and the aptly named Red Rock curve. The curve comes close to RT 103, but be careful where you pull over if you chose to photograph here.

1) Eastbound Amtrak 04T tilts through Red Rock Curve on main 2 with a NYC 3 Portland on the rear.
2) Eastbound Amtrak 04T approaches Red Rock, running on the opposite main.

PT 180.7 to 181.8 - The Farmlands of Ryde

Just west Red Rock Curve, the mainline emerges to a short stretch of farmland in the village of Ryde. The parallel RT 103 is the only way to see the mainline and follows tightly until the railroad crosses over the Juniata River.

1) Eastbound 20K approaches Red Rock curve on main 2. (Photo by Andrew Gipe)
2) Westbound 567 passes through some open farmland just one mile west of MCVEY.

Just east of the Juniata River bridge, the mainline passes more farm land. There is also a RIP track which comes off of track 1 and often contains set off cars.

1) Westbound 591 passes a pair of characteristically striped Belted Galloway cattle, or Belties for short!
2) Eastbound 20K passes the cattle who are more interested in the photographer than the train.

1) Eastbound 20K is about to pass the RIP track which is located in Ryde.
2) A single gondola on the RIP track is seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Photo by Marc Lingenfelter)

PT 181.9 - Juniata River Bridge

The mainline crosses over the Juniata River on a typical PRR stone arch bridge. There are a couple views of the bridge from Arch Lane and RT 103. Just to the west of the bridge are the PT 182 signals.

1) Eastbound 20T crosses the bridge running on the opposite main. (Photo by Andrew Gipe)
2) Westbound 13G crosses the Juniata River bridge at Ryde.
3) The PT 182 signals seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Photo by Marc Lingenfelter)

Last Update: 11/7/2012