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PT 213

Spruce Creek is known for its tunnel, fabled to be hidden somewhere in the woods along the Little Juniata River. It is also the east end of the tight and twisty trackage through the Little Juniata River Valley from Tyrone. Between Spruce Creek and Tyrone, there are twelve stone arch bridges over the Little Juniata River and they are named in numerical order from east to west. Bridges #1 - #3 are in the Spruce Creek area.

PT 213.7 - Spruce Creek Tunnel

The tunnel's remote location lends itself to being overlooked by the Allegheny and Portage Tunnels, just 33 miles to the west. In fact, there are actually two tunnels, one of which is still being used. After the current tunnel was rebuilt to accommodate double stack traffic, the older of the two tunnels was abandoned and is currently used by NS MOW vehicles. Alas, there is no way to reach the tunnels without trespassing on NS property. Please, DO NOT TRESPASS.

1) The Spruce Creek Tunnels seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Photo by Marc Lingenfelter)

PT 214.5 - S-Curves East of the Tunnel

Off of Rt 45, there are a handful of views of the mainline as it negotiates and S-curve through Spruce Creek. To the east and closer to the tunnel portal is an elevated view of the S-curve.

1) Westbound 25W baretable just exited the Tunnel which is just around the curve. (Sam Wheland)
2) Westbound 995 comes through Spruce Creek with an F-unit in tow.

PT 215.0 - Bridge #1

Union Furnace Rd is a beautiful little road which hugs the south bank of the Little Juniata River between Spruce Creek and Pemberton. Just west of the intersection of the road with RT 45, the road passes under the first skewed arch of Bridge #1. A small pull off is located near the bridge on the south side.

1) Eastbound 26T passes over bridge #1 in the early Autumn.
2) Eastbound 04T is seen one month later, big difference!
3) A view of the east side of the bridge, note the photographer's perfect parking spot.

PT 215.3 - Bridge #2

Just a quarter mile west of Bridge #1, the mainline crosses the river again. Climbing down to the river bank yields and interesting photo angle of Bridge #2.

1) Westbound 23M heads away from the camera on a cloudy winter afternoon.

PT 215.6 - Bridge #3 and PT 215 Signals

Once again, the railroad crosses back over to the north side of the Little Juniata River. Bridge #3 is more overgrown with trees than #1 and #2, so photography is difficult. Of note, PT 215 is just west of Bridge #3 and is a good head's-up for railfans to the east and west who can hear it on the scanner.

1) The PT 215 signals seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Photo by Marc Lingenfelter)

Last Update: 2/20/2013