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PT - Stations
120 - Duncannon
122 - Aqueduct
124 - Losh's Run
128 - Bailey
132 - Newport
137 - Millerstown
144 - Thompsontown
148 - Mexico
151 - Port Royal
153 - Mifflin
156 - Denholm
160 - Hawstone
165 - Lewistown
169 - Granville
172 - Anderson
174 - Horningford
178 - McVeytown
181 - Ryde
187 - Newton Hamilton
190 - Mt Union
193 - Mapleton
197 - Mill Creek
200 - Ardenheim
202 - Huntingdon
209 - Petersburg
211 - Barree
213 - Spruce Creek
217 - Pemberton
219 - Birmingham
222 - Tyrone
225 - Tipton
227 - Fostoria
229 - Bellwood
234 - Juniata
236 - Altoona



PT 144

After Millerstown, the mainline curves back west toward Thompsontown. Once again, the town is actually on the opposite side of the river, but luckily for us, RT 333 parallels the railroad for a good distance. Home to four sets of ex-PRR PL signals and a nice open straight away, Thompsontown provides ample subject matter for the railfan photographer. This stretch of mainline also houses THOMPSON, a full crossover interlocking.

PT 140.5 - Durwood Curve

Although this area is a little remote and you'll need a 4x4 to get there, the crossing of Durwood Rd is a quiet farm land area surrounded by the river and hills. Photos to come once I get a truck!!!

1) The PT 139 signals at Durwood Curve seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Marc Lingenfelter)

PT 142 - PRR PL Signals and S-Curve

One of the more popular photo shots in the area is from the RT 333 overpass. The ex-PRR PL signals at PT 142 can easily be seen as the mainline snakes through along the Juniata River. Also, an old road coming off of Rt 333 provides access to a lower photo angle without trespassing on NS property.

1) Westbound 567 splits the PT 142 signals on a beautiful evening. (Vince Hammel)
2) Westbound 21G passes under the RT-333 bridge. (Nick Anshant)
3) Eastbound 26T comes through the S-curve leading up to the PT 142 signals.

PT 143 - Thompsontown Straight and 142.9 DED

This characteristic length of trackage parallels RT 333 for a mile and is a great area to use your telephoto lens. Near the 142.9 DED, a short Shop Track comes off of track 1 directly adjacent to RT 333. Across from the shop track sits a building which looks very much like an old station, labeled Tuscarora Springs. The station area is marked as private property, but one can photograph from RT 333!

1) Westbound 539 curves toward the straight passing over the 142.9 DED. Note the MOW siding.
2) Eastbound 14G is seen coming down the straight. The CP-THOMPSON signals barely can be seen.
3) The Tuscarora Springs Station sits in front of the former SnowPeak skiing facility.


Although coming close to the full cross-over would require trespassing, we can see the WB signals from RT 333 at the west end of the straight. The signals are all PRR style pedestal CPLs. Just east of the interlocking is another Shop Track between tracks 1 and 2 where bad-ordered cars can be dropped off by trains traveling in either direction. The switches to this siding are hand thrown.

1) Westbound 539 is seen going away from the camera and will shortly pass THOMPSON.
2) Eastbound 22W has just passed through THOMPSON and now passing the center MOW siding.
3) The EB THOMPSON signals seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Marc Lingenfelter)

PT 145.5 - Vandyke Rd Crossing and PT 146 Signal Bridge

Although Vandyke Rd is not on Google maps, it is shown on the Pittsburgh Line track chart. The PT 146 signals can barely be seen a mile to the west from the crossing. The land on the opposite side of the crossing is private property. Please do NOT trespass.

1) Eastbound 36A approaches the Vandyke Rd crossing after just passing under the PT 146 PL signal bridge, seen a mile back. PHOTO TAKEN WITH PERMISSION.
2) The PT 142 signal bridge seen from the rear of Amtrak 07T. (Marc Lingenfelter)

Last Update: 3/6/2013