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LE 68.8

Heading west on 173 several nice angles are accessible in the town of Bloomsbury. Bear left onto Main Street as 173 curves to the right. Follow Main Street until it ends and take a left on Church Street. Follow Church Street across the Central Running Track until it crosses over the Lehigh Line on an overhead bridge (MP LE 68.53). Good angles are available in both directions from this bridge. You can also make a right turn onto Staats Road for a track-level shot. This is the location of the Bloomsbury Agway, worked as needed by Allentown-based local H76. To the west of Agway is the Milford Road overhead bridge (MP LE 68.99). Both bridges are historical and make good photo props in addition to providing elevated views of the tracks. Eastbounds are on a stiff climb to the tunnel and generally put on a good show coming up the hill.

1) Lite power rolls westbound down the grade past the Bloomsbury Agway.
2) NS 32A spews exhaust as she struggles east up New Jersey's "continental divide".
3) Conrail train ALSE-7 works up the grade at Bloomsbury past the ex-Lehigh Valley signal.

Follow Milford Road across the tracks and take a right on Willow Avenue at the end of Milford Road. Willow Avenue passes underneath the Central Running Track through a neat CNJ bridge arch and will lead you back to Church Street. A left onto Church Street and another quick left onto 173 will allow you to continue to follow the line west. Below are two examples of photos available from Milford Road.

1) NS 19G westbound through Bloomsbury as seen from Milford Road.
2) NS 212 eastbound through Bloomsbury as seen from Milford Road.

Once on 173 west again, bear right on CR-639/Warren Glen Road. After 1.2 miles, look for Pine Hollow Road on your left; this is a public road that leads back to the Central Running Track just east of the ramp up to "Conn", its junction with the Lehigh Line at MP LE 71.0. The bridge over the tracks is public property but the road beyond it is private.

Follow CR-639/Warren Glen Road west for 1.2 miles, passing under the tracks, and take a right onto Still Valley Road. Still Valley Road crosses the railroad tracks at garde at MP LE 71.95 and is a tight shot for both east and westbound trains on a curve. Continue on Still Valley Road, passing under the long abandoned Central Railroad of New Jersey mainline, and take the first left onto Edge Road. Cross over I-78, and a left onto Rt. 122/New Brunswick Avenue. Follow 122 west, which then drops you into Greens Bridge. You come around a corner in the road and there is a magnificent stone arch bridge carrying the abandoned CNJ right of way over the valley; immediately adjacent to that structure is the ex-Lehigh Valley bridge that the Lehigh Line uses at MP LE 74.5.