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Flemington Jct.

LE 51.0

Traveling west on River Road, this becomes CR-523 and leads you west until you rejoin the Lehigh Line at CP 51 in Flemington Junction. This is the east end of a 13,404 foot controlled siding and a popular place for meets throughout the day. Flemington Junction was the location where Lehigh Valley's long abandonded Flemington Branch joined the main line. Today it retains its LV station building, now an office on private property adjacent to the right-of-way. Eastbound trains will hold adjacent to River Road waiting on westbound movements or on an eastbound move with higher priority or short time tonnage. Norfolk Southern constructed the siding in 2005 and the railroad did much brush clearing as part of the project, opening up numerous photo opportunities along the siding area.

1) NS 21M rolls westbound through CP 51.
2) NS 212 rolls eastbound past the signal bungalow at CP 51.

Continuing west, River Road comes to an intersection where CR-523 takes a hard right and crosses over the tracks. This overhead bridge offers nice views in both directions, although it is heavily traveled by vehicular traffic. To follow the tracks west, turn around at the abandoned Lipton Tea factory, and bear right onto River Road. The road will twist and turn, allowing through-the-woods views of the railroad, and will eventually put you on Route 31 North. Due to the widening of Route 31 in this area, the state installed a divided highway and raised the speed limits, ruining the overhead bridge for photography and requiring fans to take Route 31 North to the first traffic light to make a U-turn onto Route 31 South. Follow Route 31 back down to the bridge over the railroad and bear immediately right onto River Road West. Follow the road around a gentle right hand curve. The road will become Packers Island Lane, although River Road itself makes a hard left. Park here and look east along the railroad for a stellar telephoto view of westbounds in the afternoon rolling through the Hunterdon County countryside, complete with a barn on the hillside in the background.

1) NS 214 is stopped in the siding at Flemington Junction waiting for westbound traffic.
2) NS 65J rolls through the sweeping curve at Stanton Station.

CP 53, the west end of the controlled siding, is inaccessible from public property. While there are several grade crossings between CP 53 and Jutland, Jutland is the next possibility for unique photos to the west.