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 35.8 - Manville
 45.5 - Neshanic
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 60.7 - Jutland
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 84.1 - Steel City



LE 35.8

Milepost LE 35.8, CP Port Reading Junction, in Manville, NJ is under the control of the Conrail Shared Assets North Jersey Dispatcher. The junction was once a series of diamonds between the Lehigh Valley main line and the Reading's main towards the Central Railroad of New Jersey main. Today, the diamonds are history, but the junction remains busy with NS freight off the Lehigh Line and with CSX freight off the Trenton Subdivision. Port Reading junction itself is inaccessible via public property; however, plenty of good locations exist just to the west in downtown Manville.

Just to the west of Port Reading Junction is a trash transfer station that loads containers and flat cars for shipment south and west. The station maintains its own power to switch the yard, consisting of an ex-Amtrak EMD SW-1 and an EMD GP6. Its trackage incorporates the former Reading main tracks to the north of the Lehigh line.

From Port Reading Junction to milepost LE 38.2, Royce, the single track Lehigh Line is paralleled by the 10-mph Royce Running Track, used often by the Lehigh Line Dispatcher to hold trains clear of the main for a recrew or to allow space to open up in the North Jersey Terminal area. The west switch is a hand-throw switch, and although Norfolk Southern has plans to upgrade the running track to a controlled siding, work has yet to begin. In Manville, the 13th Avenue grade crossing at milepost LE 37.03 is a popular photo spot for morning eastbounds and afternoon westbounds. Also, there are several public parking lots in town east and west of 13th Avenue that afford decent views of trains in both directions. The automated detectors at Middlesex (CRSA MP LE 30.8 HBD-DED-WID*) and Neshanic (NS MP LE 45.5, HBD-DED*) give warning for approaching trains.

1) NS 214 is seen from South Street, five blocks to the east of the 13th Avenue grade crossing.
2) NS 212 is seen from 17th Avenue with Manville's other water tower.
3) CR SENS is seen from 13th Avenue.

*HBD: Hot Box Detector
*DED: Dragging Equipment Detector
*WID: Wheel Impact Detector