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 LE - Stations
 35.8 - Manville
 45.5 - Neshanic
 48.4 - Three Bridges
 51.0 - Flemington Jct.
 60.7 - Jutland
 64.0 - Pattenburg
 68.8 - Bloomsbury
 76.3 - Phillipsburg
 77.0 - Easton
 78.9 - Glendon
 84.1 - Steel City



LE 45.5

West of Manville, the Lehigh Line traverses the bottomlands of the Raritan River for the next 10 miles before starting up the 0.9% grade to the "continental divide" of New Jersey in Pattenburg. From Manville, take 13th Street north to Brooks Boulevard, then take a left and proceed to the intersection with US 206 North. Take a right on 206 North and follow to US 202 South. While there are numerous grade crossings that offer access for photography through Hillsborough, the first real scenic highlight is the high creek deck girder bridge over the Raritan River at Neshanic Station, MP LE 44.24. From US 202, take the jug handle for CR 626/Pleasant Run Road and follow south for 2.2 miles. Continuing straight, the road becomes CR 529/River Road. After approximately 3/4 mile, you will pass beneath the railroad tracks on the bridge; take the next right onto Elm Street. The best view of the railroad bridge is from the parallel bridge over the river on Elm Street. Also, just to the south of the Elm Street bridge is the abandoned through truss for the CNJ Flemington Branch. For a more detailed history of this bride click here.

1) Shortly after the Conrail split NS train ML440 rolls east across the bridge at Neshanic.
2) With beautiful fall colors around NS H76 heads east towards Manville.
3) The abandoned Central Railroad of New Jersey bridge.

Following Elm Street west, it becomes Maple Avenue, which leads up to the tracks at the east end of a rock cut that offers good telephoto views in each direction. West of the cut, the road bends away from the tracks; follow this until you can make a right onto Woodfern Road. This leads into Lehigh Road and another location at the Lehigh Road grade crossing at MP LE 45.5, immediately east of the Neshanic HBD-DED*.

1) NS I12 (eye-one-two) eastbound at Lehigh Road.
2) NS RR282 eastbound at Maple Avenue.
3) NS 33K westbound at Lehigh Road.

Several miles to the west is the Higginsville Road overhead bridge at MP LE 47.52. This structure offers good views of eastbound trains coming around a gentle curve from early morning until mid afternoon, with the tracks oriented northwest-southeast at this location. From Lehigh Road, proceed south to the first right hand turn on Three Bridges Road. Follow 1.5 miles to a hard right turn leading to Higginsville road, which crosses the Raritan River and then the Lehigh Line.

1) NS 32A eastbound from Higginsville Road overpass.
2) CR WPAL-10 eastbound under the Higginsville Road overpass.
3) NS 21M westbound from Higginsville Road overpass.

*HBD: Hot Box Detector
*DED: Dragging Equipment Detector