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LE 76.3

Phillipsburg is an important location on the Lehigh Line, containing the junction with the ex-Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Washington Secondary, as well as the big bridge over the Delaware River. At its peak, Phillipsburg was served by five large railroads: Central Railroad of New Jersey, Lehigh Valley, Lehigh and Hudson River, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, and Pennsylvania Railroad (including a hump yard for the PRR). All of these roads became part of Conrail and all but one route through town is still used in some capacity today. Belvidere & Delaware River, a subsidiary of Black River and Western, uses the ex-PRR route to the south and runs excursions using ex-NYS&W 2-8-2 Mikado #142. NS uses the ex-CNJ right of way for its Lehigh Line, and uses the ex-L&HR/PRR line to the north as its Portland Secondary. MP LE 75 on the Lehigh Line is the location of the track swing installed in 1987 to allow freight trains to use the ex-CNJ mainline through Phillipsburg and CNJ's more modern deck truss bridge over the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. In the late 1980s, bridge inspectors discovered a fractured pin in the ex-LV bridge that Conrail was using at the time. Rather than repair or replace the LV bridge, Conrail opted for a less-expensive option and made a deal with New Jersey Transit (owner of the CNJ right of way) to access the CNJ bridge, which is in use today, at MP LE 76.62.

Follow 122 through town; this becomes South Main Street. Eventually, Main Street crosses over the Lehigh Line at MP LE 72.15. This through truss overhead bridge provides nice views of eastbounds coming off the Delaware River bridge, through Phillipsburg, and past the historic CNJ/DL&W station building just to the west of the Main Street bridge. Another option is to include the Main Street bridge in your shot along with the historic CNJ "PU" Tower, the shell of which still stands just east of the Main Street bridge. Park in the lot adjacent to the tracks east of the Main Street bridge for a nice angle on monring eastbounds. A hike along the east side of the river allows views of the bridge, as can be seen below.

1) NS 64J is eastbound past the CNJ/DL&W Phillipsburg Station.
2) NS 24V trads gingerly across an angry Delaware River into New Jersey.
3) NS 212 passes under Main Street and PU Tower.

Just to the north of the Lehigh Line, Main Street crosses a concrete bridge over the Washington Secondary, and continues north towards the historic "Free Bridge" between Phillipsburg, NJ and Easton, PA. The Washington Secondary is the domain of Allentown-based locals H65 and H74.

Main Street follows the river to the north; dropping into town allows a view of the ex-L&HR Hudson Secondary track coming across the Delaware on its own bridge. Make a left at the traffic light at Union Square; you will see the toll-free road bridge over the river ahead. Union Square becomes Northampton Street as you pass into Easton, PA. Below are three views of the two secondaries in Phillipsburg.

1) NS H74 enters the Washington Secondary from Phillipsburg interlocking.
2) NS H71 enters the Portland Secondary on the ex-L&HR Hudson Secondary bridge.
3) NS H76 enters Union Square from the ex-L&HR bridge on the Portland Secondary.