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 35.8 - Manville
 45.5 - Neshanic
 48.4 - Three Bridges
 51.0 - Flemington Jct.
 60.7 - Jutland
 64.0 - Pattenburg
 68.8 - Bloomsbury
 76.3 - Phillipsburg
 77.0 - Easton
 78.9 - Glendon
 84.1 - Steel City


Steel City

LE 84.1

Going west from Glendon, Island Park road leaves the tracks and passes beneath I-78 for a route over the hill; it becomes Lower Saucon Road. The next right onto Redington Road allows access to the South Richards HBD-DED* at MP LE 82.8. However, shots here are difficult, and the road becomes one-way in an east direction shortly west of the detector. From South Richards, return to Lower Saucon Road and make a hard right to continue west. Lower Saucon Road ends at Applebutter Road; make a right and follow approximately 3.5 miles to the T-intersection with Shimersville Road in Steel City, PA. Bear right on Shimersville Road; ahead one quarter mile is an excellent vantage point for eastbounds at the intersection with Main Street, which passes over the Lehigh Line. Just east of the Freemansburg curve is the east end of the Bethlehem Storage Track. This is used to store coal trains bound for the power plant at Portland as well as other unit trains for New Jersey. This hand-throw switch is on Track 1 only at MP LE 86.0. Eastbound trains come around the curve on the mainline with a backdrop of the former rolling mills of Bethlehem Steel.

1) NS 212 rounds the bend at Redington about to trip the dragger.
2) CR ALSE is eastbound at the Freemansburg Curve with Bethlehem Steel looming above.
3) NS 24V rolls eastbound through Steel City. Behind the photographer begins one-way road traffic.

At that intersection, Shimersville Road becomes Riverside Drive, which you can follow all the way back to Redington and the South Richards detector. There are many good views along this road; however, be aware that it is one-way traffic and narrow. Once you enter the one-way section you must proceed all the way back to Lower Saucon Road.

To reach Bethlehem follow Shimersville Road south into Bethlehem. You will pass beneath the massive ex-Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New England bridge deep within the former Bethlehem Steel property before Shimersville Road ends at PA 412. Bear right onto PA 412/South 4th Street, which will take you west through the former Bethlehem Steel plant. This massive plant was closed for good in the late 1990s.

*HBD: Hot Box Detector
*DED: Dragging Equipment Detector